Friday, June 24, 2011

1954 Air Force UFO Report


Autumnforest said...

Very cool. I have to admit that, I've seen a few UFOs and I still have no stand on this phenomena yet. I hope to have more answers as I research more, but I am putting last on my list the concept of visitors from another world and top of my list now is "us" and second is another dimension, then time travel.

Cullan Hudson said...

It is something I have yet to witness. If I were to guess....

Most are misidentifications of known objects

Then I would go with experimental craft

Followed by transdimesional or temporal objects or extraterrestrial craft.

I don't buy into the whole 'it can't come from another planet because it's too far away thing'. That's just silly. Too far for us. Who is to say another culture on a distant world hasn't figured out something we haven't? I always think scientists reek of hubris when they say such things.