Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kirlian Photography & Paranormal Research - Guest Column

Kirlian Photography - photographs which  capture the electrical corona put off by living and some inanimate objects, could provide some interesting data in paranormal research.   Anyone who has ever done dark room work has played around with 'contact' photo grams and this phenomena. It is not really surprising given the recognized electro-magnetic nature of our world.

The process first introduced in the 1930's has revealed changes in the bio-electrical discharges of plants and humans under controlled experiments. Stimulated plants have been shown to glow brighter and dying plants have been shown to grow dimmer.   It has even been used to treat and locate athletic injuries.

Since one of the guiding theories of paranormal ghost hunting is that the entities drain electronic equipment to manifest, it may be possible to devise a means to capture an image based on Kirlian photography.  An electrically charged 'flycatcher' approach might identify a space with infused electrical power to attract and enrich the environment and  a camera set up to automatically take photos at set intervals.   

Surely, if entities are willing to blink lights and use voice boxes, they would be willing to participate in such an experiment.  The results might be startling and strangely clear.   Which could be good or bad depending on views of the after life.

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Autumnforest said...

You know, I knocked around that theory years ago. It's an intriguing one. Finding the right way to capture electrical in a form that could be useful to something that does not have a physical form that we relate to would be the trick. I'm considering a fog experiment just in case whatever can "touch" us or make our bodies react must have a gathering of energy that could actually create a parting in the fog, but perhaps instead of hand pads like most kilian lights use on humans, there could be something like metallic hair-like fibers dangling--think of those sex gear whips--a bunch of fibers hanging upside down from a single handle. If something passes through the fibers, any one of them could capture the electrical. Okay, you have me thinking now... You always do! And, yes, did you expect me to use a normal reference???

Santa Is Drowning said...

This made me look up Kirlian photography. Very bizarre and alien photograms, even though we are capturing data from our very own physical universe, just normally undetected. Nice post