Saturday, May 14, 2011


Some have speculated that these are strange days.  The looming '2012' approaches...end of the world, elevation of conscience, or just another year?  Prophecy, ancient writings, false prophets, seers and EVPS: what is the truth?  Have the number of such events, such as ghost sightings, hauntings, EVPS, and other paranormal activity been increasing?  Or, is it just a case of buy a red car and then suddenly see red cars everywhere?

Another concept is that the earth's poles are shifting, an action involving the electromagnetic forces of the universe.  It has happened before but without human notice.  So is it possible, the apparent spike in paranormal activity is related to this possible shifting?  Twisting and moving energy fields are playing with environmental factors or human awareness to create 'ghosts'.  Is it possible fluctuations in these global magnetic fields act like a bow across a set of strings, generating electronic voices, blobs on videos, and splotches in photographs ?

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Welcome To Queenie's Paranormal Playhouse! said...

Hmmm...I actually think the world was more paranormal back in the 70s. (At least it was for ME!) A lot of weird things happened to me and my family back then, and the world was just a different place than it is today. But that's just MY opinion. It could very well be more paranormal to others, but how do you judge something like that? The world has been a mysterious place since the very beginning of time and I imagine it will be just as mysterious when our children are grown. (That is, if they live beyond 2012!;)