Saturday, May 28, 2011

The George Inn's Haunted History

One of the oldest pubs in London is the George Inn at 77 Borough High Street, just off London Bridge.  Although damaged by the great fire, it survived and was refurbished in 1676. With the advent of trains, much of it was demolished to make way for warehouses. However, the south face remains intact and in the care of the National Trust. While weary travelers can no longer find accommodations there, the Inn does still serve ales and traditional English fare. A popular spot for English writers such as Charles Dickens, the George Inn is also home to the ghost of a former owner who appears as a 'shadowy figure' that interferes with all modern electronics and has only been seen fleetingly on the Inn's security cameras. She is meant to be Amelia Murray (or at least her daughter, Agnes) who ran the hotel from 1878 to 1934. It has been said she wasn't much for updating the old inn and now rails against any modernization.  Others have claimed to see the phantom arrival of historic cavaliers from some time much further back in the Inn's storied history.

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