Monday, April 11, 2011

Magnets and the Mind; More Black Eyed Kids; And Hoover's 'Saucer Secrets'

"Put a powerful magnet against the side of your head and it can interfere with the neurons working underneath. The technique is being used to treat severe depression, but it can also produce some nifty party tricks. In this video, a magnet held to left side of New Scientist editor Roger Highfield's skull interrupts his ability to speak a nursery rhyme. But when Highfield sings the same rhyme, there's no effect. That's because the neurons that control speech and the neurons that control singing are in separate parts of the brain. The magnet disabled Highfield's speech centers, but left his ability to sing untouched." More at Boing Boing

Mysterious Universe asks: 'Black Eyed Kids: Insidious Threat or Myth in the Making?'  You may have read my posts on the BEK phenomena.... Check them out HERE

And Anthony Bragalia delves into J. Edgar Hoover's 'Saucer Secrets' over at UFOIconoclast(s)

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Autumnforest said...

Very cool. I actually took headbands and attached inside them strong magnets to put on the forehead during a ghost hunt to see if it would (as supposedly reputed) create the ability to see apparitions. It didn't do much but make us look like extras in the music video "Let's Get Physical" or Richard Simmons's dream team.