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From The Morgue: Nearly Century-Old Newspaper Account Recalls Archaelogical Enigma


Phoenix Scientist, However, Says Relics Do Not Antedate Spaniards

Tucson, Ariz., Dec. 14. [1924]--(AP)--The University of Arizona will take over the work of excavating at Nine Mile Water Hole, the scene of the unearthing of leaden crosses and implements of war which some scientists declare indicate the discovery of America by Roman Jews in the eighth century.

This announcement was made Monday night by Charles Menifer, one of the original discoverers of the relics that were found buried in calich or desert limestone.


Work of unearthing additional relics will be under the direction of Dr. Byron Cummings, head of the department of archaeology at the school, who supports the theory that the discoveries were genuine and that they indicate discovery of America long before Columbus' time.

The lime kiln under which the relics were found had been placed under guard by university authorities until further research work is resumed.

Dr. O. A. Tunney, Phoenix scientist, Monday announced that after a careful study of the relics it was his opinion that they did not indicate the discovery of America before the coming of Columbus.


Doctor Tunney admitted that the relics probably were several hundred years old but declared he did not believe they were of pre-Spanish origin.

The scientist asserted that the limestone in which the crosses and implements was found was formed within the last few hundred years and on this theory bases his belief that they could not have antedated the coming of the Spaniards in to the southwest.


Salt Lake City, Dec. 14--(AP)--Finding of leaden crosses and other evidences of early civilization near Tucson, Ariz. has been the subject of careful study by archaeological students of the University of Utah and the Mormon church.

"Improvement Era," official publication of the church for July, 1925, contains a special illustrated article by J. M. Sjodahl, former editor of the Desert News, in which dates in the inscriptions found on the undearthed articles are described as presenting "an extraordinary coincidence with the chrnology of the Book of Mormon."

After telling of the finds, the first of which was unearthed, according to the article, September 13, 1924, and reproducing the Latin inscriptions, the article gives "suggested translation of the inscriptions."

One of these reads "Benjamin governed the people.  to Seine Roma they came of the gauls, the bravest ***Benjamin*** imparted of religion to the multitude is slain by Thebans.  This I heard 500 years afterwards--after the mountain."

Inscription on another cross bears the date "A. D. 880" and referes to a battle within walled city, and makes reference to Israel and Jacobus.

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Autumnforest said...

I'm going to say there is something not right about AZ and it's not just its politics. I've run into some very weird stories along the way of findings of Egyptian mummies in the Grand Canyon and the Phoenix Lights. There really is something hidden here and it would be intriguing to follow this up and see where these things are nowadays.