Monday, March 14, 2011

The Indefatigable Atlantis Rises Once More To Tantalize With Its Timeless Tale.

University of Hartford professor Richard Freund began with the much-studied works of Plato and ended up with a site near Cadiz, Spain he believe to be the location of the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Freund believes a massive tsunami swept inland for 60 miles, destroying Atlantis and other settlements. Archeological evidence has surfaced in central Spain, Freund says, of memorials to its destruction. He is now looking beneath mud flats in Spain's Parque Nacional de DoƱana. 

You may remember a small amount of excitement from Google satellite images that appeared to show the grid-like layout of a city beneath the waters off the Spanish coast.  Google says this is a glitch, but I am willing to bet conspiracy theorists aren't letting that go.  But if Atlantis was in an easier-to-visit spot near Cadiz, I'm sure they could be convinced.

I also had my own thoughts on where Atlantis might be. I've done little investigation and this idea is mostly just speculation.


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Andrew Collins in his 'Gateway to Atlantis' builds an intriguing argument that what we call Atlantis may have been part of the chain of islands of modern Cuba. If you have not read this book - it is worth while for the span of classic references and literature used to identify this locale.