Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DVD Documentary Goes To The Source In Its Coverage of Vampires and Werewolves--Transylvania

Across The Forest: Tales From Transylvania examines the long-held superstitions and myths of that ancient country by talking to the people themselves. Many documentarians have tread this well worn path, but Justin Blair and Matthew Vincent traveled to that storied land to learn what Transylvanians themselves have to say about these supernatural entities who have been fodder for so much pop culture over the past century. 

You can visit their website and blog to learn more. The documentary suffers terribly from a total lack of marketing. There isn't even proper cover art. And the production quality is nonexistent--being shot on a camcorder. Still, for $9.99, what can one expect? 

Filmmakers these are not, but there's an intimacy and earnest quality to the work, as if you are there with them speaking to these people about the legends and fears that still seem so real. No fancy (and overly abused) Travel Channel post production effects here. Just the camera, the people, and their stories.

Here's a more detailed review: doaav.blogspot

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Autumnforest said...

Cool! My new obsession is widening my documentary collection. I am a complete and total documentary nut. Just today, I ordered seasons 1 & 2 of UFO Hunters show--damn, I miss that show!