Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Macabre Side Of Mobile

Am in Mobile, AL for a bit, exploring the mysteries and legends that make this historic city every bit as haunted as its neighbor to the west, New Orleans. In fact, both cities share a similar history and architectural outlook that lends itself to those old 'haunted mansions'framed in southern oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

On The Path To 'Tara'

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, built in 1855, is classic antebellum architecture and, of course, is duly haunted. Legend tells of a woman who haunts the home in wait for her long lost lover. Another ghost at the home is a girl who died of yellow fever.

Bienville Park

Bienville Square Park is the home of two spectral soldiers seen from time to time.

In coming days, I will report on the old forts that guarded mobile bay, the ghosts of the old cemeteries, and more haunted house. Additionally, and bigfoot stories from the piney woods or nearby swamps and marshes will be related. Of course, let's not forget UFO's or anything else I stumble upon.


Autumnforest said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to this. I am interested in AL. They have some major weird things in that state and it seems like a hotspot lately of activity.

Adsila said...

Looking forward to reading about more stories in Alabama.