Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dropping The Ball

I went to the MUFON website in hopes that their learned members had been hard at work investigating the mysterious Jerusalem UFO. After all, they are an international organization, are they not?

Apparently, not.

Their top story was about some generic lights seen over Utah that sounds like thousands of other sightings over the years. In searching their database, I saw most cases come from the United States. Furthermore, few cases are properly followed up. Investigations center around asking pedestrian questions before arriving at an anticipated conclusion.

With the recent firings of various women within several MUFON chapters, I wonder if it isn't time to question if the organization hasn't stagnated, becoming a staid relic of a bygone era. Or worse, a 'boys only' club. Perhaps it is too much to presume they've become superannuated, but an infusion of fresh blood mightn't be a bad thing.

I ask you: Do you think MUFON is antiquated? Or are they as viable as ever? Do they need to change with the times? Or have they always been mavericks, paving the way for others?


Autumnforest said...

Great question. I must admit that I was surprised. I witnessed a triangular UFO and photographed it, witnessing it with my son and ex-husband. I gave an extensive report--their form is quite thorough. They even called to followup on what I saw. I thought it was really well done, but then I have no idea what other witnesses go through. I'm in the medical field and my ex was an engineer, so filling out those parts of the form might have made us more trustworthy witnesses. As well, triangle UFOs are very hot the last few years so perhaps they were more worthy of pursuing. I've heard from others who filled out the reports and submitted photos that they weren't called back, so I wonder what their criteria is. I suspect that we were "credible." I've heard rumors that a lot of big-names in UFO research (well, such as research can be for something we can't hold and handle) have ditched the industry all together. I wonder if it's just frustration because BF hunters still hunt into their old age and their job is very frustrating.


I too have submitted reports to MUFON, the report is very good, and I was contacted if there was more I had to add. Did I want a field investigator? Then later, I was informed what I had seen was the ISS. Since, I had simply reported something I could not identify - it was no problem. Not all cases, evidently warrant detailed follow up and that is alright. I do have to wonder about the gender aspect of the dismissals and the overall plans MUFON may have.