Friday, November 19, 2010

MUFON Says OK Sightings Credible

Earlier this fall, residents of Stigler, OK reported sightings of a mysterious triangle-shaped UFO. Mutual UFO Network state director Marilyn Carlson investigated the sightings and found the witness statements credible.

The first incident occurred on September 16, 2010 when an unnamed witness spotted a triangle-shaped craft hovering over a field near Stigler. Along the perimeter of the object ran a series of white lights. Later, the field was discovered to have a bare patch of earth beneath where the object hovered.

More than a month later, a similar craft was spotted at around 10:30 in the evening of October 26, 2010. Witnesses described the object as enormous - the size of a city block - with white lights at its various points.

As remarkably familiar as these descriptions are to countless other reports over the past few decades, I'm somewhat skeptical without something more tangible to go on.  In fact, it's that very ubiquity that makes them all the more suspect. With such ready-made descriptions at the disposal of witnesses, I wonder exactly what prompted the local MUFON representative to believe these tales aside from her own willingness.

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