Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Experiment Debunks Heebie Jeebies

John Huntington, the mastermind behind the website Control Geek, and Dr. Toija Riggins conducted an experiment to see if there was any validity to the long-standing myth that infrasound can affect anxiety levels.

Infrasound, or sound below the level of human hearing, has long been postulated as a possible explanation for the feeling of free-floating anxiety that can accompany haunted locations. In fact, it has often been employed in amusement park haunted attractions. But is there any substance to this?

Check out the data for yourself, but this pair's initial findings are rather lackluster. While this might be bad for the amusement park industry, it could be good for paranormal investigators long-plagued by those seemingly ubiquitous "underground rivers" whose movement can set in motion subsonic vibrations that have us screaming into the night.



Sharon Day said...

Excellent find. While I admit that the kids in the car with the super low bass thumping and making my chest feel like it's resonating pisses me off and makes me want to break their windows, it has more to do with the low sounds I hear. Since humans don't hear in infrasound, I would think it would pass right by their notice.

Cullan Hudson said...

Yeah, that pisses me off too. Still, I'm not entirely sure this work invalidates previous studies of infrasound on the central nervous system. I wonder if Mythbusters has every tackled this. I think I should suggest this to them. :-D