Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LOST TAPES (Well, Not Really)

Uncovered this in a Google search. It's from the 2009 bigfoot conference in Honobia, OK. The video is a bit rough (as is my presentation), but it might be interesting for anyone who missed my talk last October.


Autumnforest said...

You are a good speaker. Nice voice, claer thoughts, warm and comfortable. You should do it more often. The gray lady incident gave me chills. There's nothing quite like having something happen as a kid and spending your life trying to figure it out. Hence, my preoccupation with ghosts. It's great to know someone in a similar boat.

RRRGroup said...


I hope you got a gratuity for the talk.

You deserved one.


Cullan Hudson said...

I was well-compensated :-D I need to ask about royalties if they're selling videos of this performance. I might have to go all NFL on them. ;-D