Monday, October 4, 2010

Here's Mud In Your Eye (Or When Words Come Back To Haunt)

In the aftermath of the recent Rutger's University tragedy, a small controversy has erupted in the paranormal field. While having nothing to do with each other, per se, the two are tangential.

It seems Britt Griffith, a recent addition to the Ghost Hunters team on SyFy, made some brash and lamentable statements during an internet radio show. Not long thereafter, an Ohio paranormal investigator and blogger took him to task for his comments in her post. The comments that followed the post soon took on a mudslinging life of their own.

It's easy to think of paranormal enthusiasts as being all cut from the same cloth: eccentric, liberal, disenfranchised, tolerant, quirky, non-conformist, accepting of the exceptional. However, reality is that the field is comprised of many disparate individuals who don't always share the same mindset.

Instead of haranguing you with a lengthy diatribe, I shall instead direct you to a series of links that will illustrate the controversy and what those involved (and not) have to say about it.

Link # 1 The radio interview that began the controversy

Link # 2 The blog that brought the situation to light

Link # 3 A fellow Ohio investigator and author who weighs in

Link # 4 Somehow during this whole debacle, the Ghost Divas - who had nothing to do with the controversy - get sucked into the mix as well.

Somewhere out there is a children's book waiting to be written: We're All The Same When We're Covered In Mud.

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