Sunday, October 17, 2010

El Paso Mystery Lights and UFO Hoaxes Unmasked

Some are comparing this to those pesky balloons over Manhattan last week. Others talk of space debris entering the atmosphere.  Some are calling it a night jump by parachutists involved in an airshow going on at the same time:

What Were Those Lights? ktsm - EL PASO - We still don't know what to make of some strange lights over El Paso. They turned up in East and Northeast El Paso, prompting lots of calls to our newsroom. One solitary light appeared to fall and then suddenly break up into three lights, which seemed to hover. A fourth light appears, and then they all disappear. Our best guess is that the lights have some connection to planes with the Amigo Airshow.

Elsewhere... UFO provocateur Anthony Bragalia uses exclamation points to unmask several modern and classic images of saucerian fakery. While some are so patently risible that it seems silly to give them such detailed scrutiny, Bragalia nonetheless tackles each one with his formidible acumen as a UFO researcher.  You can read his analyses over a UFO Iconoclast(s)


Autumnforest said...

The perspective of the photographer makes it look weird, but it's a classic meteorite breaking apart

Mr. Dark said...

It was a UFO. The Army Golden Knights tried to take credit for the lights but they looked nothing alike. I got to see them from the mountains and they were at about eye level so they weren't that far in the sky. There were sightings for weeks after in Chaparral, New Mexico as well. Creepiest thing was the missile range in White Sands was going nuts every once in awhile those weeks as well.