Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blessed Be All You Can Be

High in the mountains of Colorado, the US Air Force Academy's chapel - looking more like a weapon than a church - may now be hosting Wiccans, Pagans, and the like. According to recent reports, the Academy has a growing alternative religion base.

Tech Sgt. Brandon Longcrier serves as the lay leader of the Earth-Centered Spirituality community. It's presence is a testament to the Air Force's modern, inclusive profile.

For the record, while Wiccans forbid themselves from casting harm against others, the Academy (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) stated that this long-held credo does not apply to the battlefield.

While this seemingly welcome embrace of religions other than Christianity is seen by many as a greater step toward tolerance, one wonders how much of daily life among the cadets truly reflects these platitudes. But if steps like this open the door toward better communication and understanding among different viewpoints, perhaps we as a people can move forward (if only at the speed of sound).

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Autumnforest said...

Fantastic post. I must admit that it's refreshing and hopeful, but still a long way. Christmas day will always be a day off for the majority of Americans, but when is winter solstice(Yule)? I don't think it will happen in my day, but I hold out hope that small victories like this might get us away from the Christian majority and really be the promise land it was supposed to be.