Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UFO: Uh-F*%&ing-Oh!

Sire to all that is Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus, is slated to be the next padre of the paranormal in SyFy's forthcoming UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious, which aims to examine UFO sightings with a "skeptical" eye.

Joining Cyrus is his son, Trace, and together they will travel the country in search of answers, and reaffirming the longstanding stereotype about backwood hicks and UFO's.

Cyrus was quoted as hoping "this series can shine a light on...the mysteries that have long inspired us." Yeah, light catching lightning in a bottle.

Here's hoping you can pull off another Hannah feat, but I don't suspect this will last long. Already, a collective groan can be heard echoing throughout the UFO community.


Above the Norm said...

They will let anyone have a show these days. Sigh, not sure if I am interested in watching this one.

Cullan Hudson said...

Yes, SyFy seems to have slowly but unavoidably been sliding down hill every since they changed their I's to Y's.