Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Must-Read Site: Ghost Tech

Vince Wilson's post denouncing the use of IR and questioning the need to go "lights out" has made me an instant fan of this intelligent website.  Full of smart and witty observations on the pitfalls of investigating the paranormal, Ghost Tech injects a much-needed dose of reality into a field that has gotten rather full of itself in recent years. Wilson's posts cover the gamut from addressing hoaxes and poking holes in the science behind many gadgets to discussing disasterous infighting and and encouraging common sense.


Buck said...

It is refreshing and fairly sober. However, I would put forth that the author is also a "hobbyist" since he assuredly lacks anything which would remotely qualify as repeatable and consistent results in the scientific realm. He's just a different "class" of hobbyist and afterlife seeker.

Cullan Hudson said...

Inarguably a better class with a more sensible methodolgy. Need more like him.


I am insulted! A hobbyist? I do this full-time Buck, do you? I actually have no other job.

LOL. Seriously though, I do try hard to be the best paranormal research I can be and truly feel, indeed, that few have reached a similar level of knowledge. I never stop reading and studying my chosen field of study.

Thanks for the compliments. I hope I can continue to maintain the site to your level of approval.

Vince Wilson