Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Local OKC Anti-Exorcism Still On

A satanic group calling itself The Church of the IV Crown Princes (formerly Church of the IV Majesties) are still scheduled to perform their anti-exorcism, which mocks the Catholic ritual to expell demons, at Oklahoma City's Civic Center Music Hall. The event was scheduled for October 21, but a recent internal upset forced a change in power, which put it temporarily on hold.

It seems that once members of the group, which worships Lucifer, Satan, Belian, and Leviathan in a smorgasboard approach to religion, discovered their former leader was also a registered sex offender, they had little choice but to dismiss him from his post. C'mon, what self-respecting satanist would be hanging out with a registered sex offender?

The former leader tried to dissolve the church and cancel the Civic Center event, but the remaining members reformed under the new 'Crown Princes' name and set about plans for the anti-exorcism. It's hard work: robes to iron, streamers to hang, balloons... If you've never planned an anti-exorcism, you can't even begin to understand the logistical nightmare one can pose.

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