Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Killing Off Ghost Hunting?

In "Dead and Buried: How the Paranormal Community Killed my Interest in Ghost Hunting," Nick Foust harangues readers with an impassioned diatribe that, while at times meanders, is nonetheless spot on in many respects. It is likely you will see many of your own laments in his words. Check out the whole post at  The post is from November of last year; however, I feel that it is even more relevant now. Perhaps, like myself, Mr. Foust longs for this field's death so that it may re-emerge from the ashes, a refocused phoenix ready for a more sensible iteration.

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Ken Summers said...

We both know why you wrote this article... LOL

Actually, I can relate a lot to Nick. I've actually grown up around them (literally; they were in eastern PA and started out around the time my group did) so I know what he means. I just haven't totally gone to that extreme yet. They are a good bunch, though. Even if I took a year to post this... lol