Friday, September 24, 2010

Abandoned Hospital Makes For Stunning Photographs, Haunted Mystery

"Sara H.: There will be no venturing of any sort up to the third floor to 'just check it out' by any staff or other residents. The third floor is not used except for storage and Sara needs to be reminded of the fire codex as well. We as a staff team can not feed into her beliefs about the malignant presence up there or within the house. I expect all staff to gently discourage her away from viewing the third floor, and redirect her thoughts toward productive activities."

These are memos sent by a supervisor to her staff that was found among the debris littering the decomposing ruins of a now-defunct pyschiatric facility. [read more]

Sadly, Solis keeps the location of this particular hospital vague.  She only mentions that it encompasses more than 1,000 acres and the "haunted" third floor is within an old house the hospital converted into additional living facilities for its patients. It would be fascinating to learn more about this haunted claim and the patient who made it. Did others witness apparitions, malevolent presences, and other strange goings-on? If you visit her site and think you know where this expansive hospital is, I would love to hear about it. Perhaps you even know some of its haunted history.

You can view more stunning photography by Julia Solis at her site Therein she has images from not only abandoned hospitals but malls, amusement parks, and more. We share an affinity for the overlooked beauty that can be found in the textures and nuances of urban decay: cracked and peeling paint; wan light that filters sickly through occluded panes; and the archaelogical remains of world not so far-removed, but altogether forgotten.


merricat said...

LOVE this post. Some detective work is in order...

Cullan Hudson said...

Yeah, it would be really cool if someone from the area could find out about those haunted rumors.