Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trepidatious Travels Into Paranormal Territory

After my recent trip through the Four Corners region, I thought I would share some interesting paranormal tidbits on the area:

As we climbed toward 11,000 foot high mountain passes along the dangerous but breathtakingly beautiful "Million Dollar Highway," which winds through Colorado's San Juan mountains, I was reminded of the 1 million dollar reward recently offered as prize in proposed Bigfoot photo hunt. In recent years, the number of sightings in Colorado, especially the San Juan’s, has steadily risen. While I don't believe the quest ever got underway, and it seems to have been proved a hoax, Bigfoot seems to be shaping up as a new icon of the that state. While in decades past, these creatures were synonymous with the Pacific Northwest, it has become increasingly clear that the phenomenon holds a strong place in the hearts of those in state's like Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma as well.

The headquarters for the hoaxed hunt was Silverton, CO, an old mining town high up in the mountains where even the heat of summer can't penetrate and its Old West past is embraced by strong arms of tourism.

While there may be no Bigfoot hunts afoot. Silverton looks like the sort of place (tourist traps aside) that ought to have a ghost or two haunting the old hotel or the abandoned mines. Funny thing is, I can't find one single paranormal story about the town.

The nearby resort town of Ouray, which is nestled further down in the valleys of the San Juan Mountains has a story though. This picturesque town, frequented by RV's and camping families, is a popular destination. Here, a spectral cat prowls the Cedar Hill cemetery vigilantly and ghosts walk the old halls of the St. Elmo Hotel.

Cliff Palace MorningDown in the southwest corner of the state, in the Four Corners region, one can find the fantastically beautiful Mesa Verde area. Shot through by deep, rugged canyons, Mesa Verde is littered with ancient Anasazi ruins.
It has been said that the apparitions of ancient Anasazis can be glimpsed moving about the ruins of Mesa Verde's Cliff Palace, the largest cliff dwelling. They are often spotted within the ceremonial Kivas and some say they travel spirit pathways and through secret tunnels.

Sego Canyon Ghost Town-Remains of an American Fuel Company store
Sego, UT Today
The ghost town of Sego, UT seems like it would be ripe for haunted legends. Yet I can find none. Still an interesting place, tucked away in a forgotten canyon a few miles down the road from another town on the verge of "ghost" status.

Sego, UT in 1920

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Great overview. I am amazed at how maintained and pristine these areas are.