Sunday, August 29, 2010

Return of the RODS

"Fort Worth area resident Lisa Brock-Piekarski is a little freaked out by images she discovered on an infrared camera mounted at her family's favorite hunting spot." []

This recent image calls to mind the famed RODS of a few years ago. These mysterious images that appeared on video cameras everywhere caused quite a stir until it was cleanly silenced by solid investigaton.  The enigmatic RODS were quickly proved to be an artifact of frame rate when filming. To wit, fast moving objects such as insects could appear multiple times on a single frame, creating a bizzare form that seemed comprised of a multi-segmented core wrapped in some blurry undulation.

Without having examined better the evidence presented, I can only speculate. However, to me these seem to be the same videographic artifacts. You can see clearly in this image how the "UFO" seems to have several bright spots shot through by a streaking blur. The bright spots would be the body (a more substantial element) and the streak is the blurring of wings and legs (far less substantial components) as they insect zooms across the frame.

As you can read in the article above, the individual who discovered these images is at least refraining from any wild speculation. It seems more likely others are running fervently with the UFO theory.

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