Friday, August 13, 2010

Pumkinrot Raises Bar For Haunted Houses

Eye Contact
Originally uploaded by pumpkinrot
The twisted genius of is in evidence here. Check out the website or the flickr set. What amazes me isn't just the loving craftsmanship, full of so much detail, but rather the consistent aesthetic found in the work. There is a clear story to these pieces that can be seen individually, yet only appreciated truly as a whole.

You can sense Pumpkinrot doesn't run your typical mish-mashed haunted house where Dracula and the Wolfman run afoul of Jason and Freddy all in the same disused warehouse. Instead, the classic Halloween meme is mined for the purest horror and deconstructed into a fantastically macbre world that is at once frightening and beautiful. Like the eponymous rotting pumpkin, these pieces have taken motifs from a thousand grade school parties and allowed them to fester in the fetid climate of adulthood.

And I think we (and any cut-rate haunted houses out there reading this) are the better off for having seen the artistry of


Above the Norm said...

I have to totally agree... they have an awesome site.

Autumnforest said...

I would marry him if his beautiful wife would let me. Yes, I adore this guy's work and what a talent. If anyone has Halloween concentrated in their veins, it's this guy. I just ordered Halloween cards from him and I'll be back for more. When I need my fix, I just look over the site and sight.

Cullan Hudson said...

I really appreciate haunted houses or halloween party decor that is thematic in nature and not all across the board. Instead of a random alien punctuating your traditional halloween setup, do an entire alien crash site themed event with charred and twitching EBE's, etc... The important thing is to find the story and stick with it.