Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parapsychological Trials Open To The Public

Oklahoma-based paranormal investigators, GHOULI (Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma and Urban Legend Investigations), will soon embark on an ambitious series of cognitive studies to gather data concerning aspects of the paranormal.  To that end, the team is extending an invitation for the public to visit their research site and participate in the study. To learn more about this exciting event, visit their website.

[from the site] Not a “ghost tour” not a “ghost hunt”. G.H.O.U.L.I has developed a real paranormal research project where the general public is involved. If you have participated in the past with our trials we invite you to participate in this project. It’s more fun than a tour, your intelligence is not insulted and nobody is going to scare you or stage “events” to get your blood flowing. This is real research in a location that has not been touched in over 60 years. ADULTS ONLY! If you have ever wanted to participate in a real parapsychology test now is your chance. You will also learn about Oklahoma history and the possibility of a haunting. YOU draw the conclusion and YOU help solve the puzzle. Is it haunted? NO this is NOT for “entertainment only”. This is REAL Paranormal Research and you are involved. September dates & details will be posted soon!

UPDATE:  The team has set the date for their first round of trials, Sept 18, 2010. Visit their website or facebook page for more information.

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