Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Watchful Eyes of Lonesome Sego Canyon

One week prior, I was investigating the many archaelogical, geological, and cultural wonders of the Four Corners region. Among the highlights was a mysterious canyon tucked away in a forgotten corner of Utah amid the ruins of an old ghost town. It is a mystery I have long waited to see with my own eyes. North of Moab, UT, through a nearly-forgotten town and down a lonesome backroad, you come to a spot oft-neglected by the hoards of tourists visiting the more famous parks of Arches and Canyonlands. This is Sego Canyon, home to some rather enigmatic and controversial pictographs.

Dating from the Archaic period (8,000-1,000 CE) through to when the Fremont people (contemporaries of the Anasazi) lived, the various images found here include those said to depict an ancient encounter with aliens. Archaeologists, however, are more certain they illustrate spiritual figures. Since those who drew them are no longer among us, it is really anyone's guess as to what these large-eyed, bulbous-headed figures were meant to represent? Were they merely stylized humans or something more otherworldly?

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