Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SyFy's Fact of Faked Doesn't Even Pass A Preview Test

With a formulaic approach similar to what has been seen on Destination Truth, Ghost Adventures, etc... SyFy's new program, which aims to prove or disprove purported paranormal events caught on video, doesn't merit further scrutiny based upon what I have seen in the following clip.

All the requisite elements are there:

1) The spooky night time setting
2) The emotionally precarious on-camera personalities that make Scooby Doo look stalwart.
3) All the "Did you just hear that?" / "What was that?!"s.
4) The melodramtic music.
5) And - invariably - the let down. It was just an armadillo moving about in the underbrush.

Ya think? Ya really think?? I mean, come on. You're out there in the dead of night with all sorts of nocturnal creatures moving about and you don't think something might be rustling around in the underbrush?? You need to be worried about rattlesnakes or such given that your traipsing around in the dark desert at some ungodly hour.

Perhaps I'm being unduly harsh, unfair. After all, I have not yet seen an entire episode. I have, however, seen its ilk before and the experience cautions me to watch tomorrow night's debut with a grim countenance. That's right, I dare you to impress me.

My two cents. Keep the change.

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