Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hauntings Afoot At Kansas Museum

“The tapping was a 'look here' and you can clearly hear the 'help me' was a white-looking mass...but you could see the facial features. You could see the eyes and nose, the mouth,”

Paranormal investigators recently converged on the Chisholm Trail Museum in Wellington, Kansas. After an initial inspection of the site revealed plenty of odd goings-on, a second team decided to take a look. The investigation produced recorded EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), whispers, and thumps that seemed to respond to questions asked. Museum docents spoke of having seen fleeting glimpses of an elusive apparition. Others felt soft, phantom touches.

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I know Wellington. This is where my mother's family is concentrated. She grew up there and her brothers (and some of their children) still live in the small town southwest of Wichita.

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