Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ghost Divas Live Interview Twilight Star

The Divas are set to interview Twilight's Rick Mora on tonight's episode. Learn more. Mora is an actor, model, and artist from California who has done print campaigns for Wells Fargo, Levis, and Wilson Leather. He has also been in several History Channel documentaries, The Martin Lawrence Show, and commercials for Kia and Toyota.

As his own star rises, Mora remains keenly aware of how Native Americans continue to be represented in Hollywood. He has criticized the Twilight production staff for not wanting "to pay Hollywood natives". Mora claims, "It was easier for them to get local [Oregon, where the film was shot] extras who didn’t understand the business and pay’em, you know, a flat rate - versus taking the talent that’s worked very hard in Hollywood". Still, Mora is grateful for the work and the exposure it has brought him.

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