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Found the following press release in my inbox today. It touts the arrival of a new book by a Mr. Mark Russel Bell, whom I have mentioned in my book. He did some oft-cited "research" into the famed Centrahoma poltergeist, which made national headlines in the early 1990's. This case centered around a young woman in a sleepy southeast Oklahoma town.

To quote my own work, "I know from researching this myself that legitimate reporting seems to have long since been muddled by the polymathic ramblings of Mark Russel Bell, a one-time employee of Paramount Studios.  Bell believes, among other things, that Michael [the name ascribed to the Poltergeist] is an 'angelic force' who has visited Moses, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce, and that he himself [Bell] is the reincarnated form of an Egyptian priest, Bel-Marduk."

FYI, I in no way vouch for the security of these links and you should, as with any link, proceed with caution. So, without further ado...

Popularity of Paranormal Investigations Motivates Mark Russell Bell to Share Insights

The metaphysical author and blogger is offering pointers about what is important to remember concerning research into unexplained phenomena.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 9, 2010 -- Mark Russell Bell has shared his unusual experiences in a 1997 nonfiction case study and an Internet website. Now he is offering paranormal investigators some important insights.

Bell reflects, "Many decades of popular supernatural horror films and novels have cultivated for some people a mind-set that craves the sensational and the frightful. You might say that fictional depictions of unexplained phenomena require a suspension of disbelief for entertainment purposes while encountering any such events in your own life requires careful analysis for understanding the meaning of what has happened."

At Bell helps readers find noteworthy sources of information relating to metaphysical and spiritual topics.

Bell's 1,100-page book Testament derived from tape-recorded interview transcripts and journals to present a record of his responses to startling events at a time in his life when he had only a superficial knowledge of the variety of chronicled cases usually categorized as 'paranormal.' He comments, "In my youth, I'd read books about poltergeists and ufology without accepting anything as unquestionably valid. It was only after my experiences chronicled in Testament that I began to understand what manifestly was the basis for the phenomena."

Here are some of Bell's observations for investigators of unexplained phenomena.

1. Perceived instances of psychokinesis / telekinesis in relation to a specific individual should not be attributed to the individual alone but to an unseen intelligence manifesting in proximity to the person.

2. It is often the personal response of someone observing the phenomena that associates the experience with a particular word or familiar concepts such as 'poltergeist,' 'demon,' 'angel,' 'spirit,' or 'alien.'

3. Paranormal investigators should consider how their 'supernatural' beliefs about ghosts and unexplained phenomena correlate with their entire metaphysical orientation that has evolved during the full course of their life experience.

4. Regarding anomalous occurrences involving mystics, psychics, mentalists, etc., consider the concept of a Superconsciousness manifesting through or around specific individuals to expand people's spiritual awareness of what is possible. Eastern wisdom traditions offer words signifying 'Oneness' to remind that all living things are interconnected and each is linked with an all-creative Life Force.

5. I recommend you read my own book (available in a free Internet edition) as well as extensively documented cases of people who've experienced different forms of unexplained or 'psychic' phenomena during previous epochs. Some of these people include Dr. John Dee, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, and medium Leslie Flint.

6. Concerning legitimate trance channelers, the perspective of entities speaking through a person should be understood as being 'more-knowing' rather than 'all-knowing.' Each individual consciousness unit has a unique perspective based upon one's own life experiences.

7. 'Electronic Voice Phenomena' (EVP) may be obtained anywhere with all varieties of recording devices. Listen closely to unedited radio or TV broadcasts/recordings and you may be surprised.

For more information, visit Bell's website and blog

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