Friday, June 4, 2010

Alien Caught On Surveillance Camera

There is no set up for the following video, but it can be surmised that the man from Univision (a Spanish-language network) is speaking to attendees at some type of convention, possibly held by a MUFON group. He explains how the video was recorded and wound up in his hands, which you can review at your leisure, but if you wish to jump to the "money shot", you'll find that begins at the 02:00 mark. Without the original (we see his copy as broadcast on a TV set at the conference), it's hard to see what is happening in the video, but the fluidity of movement, combined with the odd shape and stature are very intriguing. The ubiquity of 3D modeling software and other digital gizmos should keep all excitement in check. In the 21st Century, it might be harder to trust our eyes when it comes to these claims. I'll look for more video on this and see what I can find. Updates will be posted.

Some interesting comments regarding this video can be found here.

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