Friday, May 28, 2010

Mysterious Chicken Slaughter Has AK Authorities Stumped

In the pastoral hamlet of North Pole, Alaska, someone or something killed 26 chickens and arranged their bodies in a peculiar pattern.

The massacre was discovered Monday (5/24/10) at a coop on Sharon Road. The heads of the animals were completely severed and nowhere to be found. But most startling was that the animals were arranged to form a line 15-feet-long that terminated in a circle.

Alaska State Troopers are baffled as to the motive for this slaughter. Yet, they suspect the odd tableau may represent a threat toward the farm owners. Until they can better investigate the matter, those name will not be released.

Some Voodoo ritual? Or, when there are no cereal crops, do those forces responsible for crop circles manifest their work through whatever might be found on the farm? Or, worse still, as this is North Pole, AK, can we now assume to know why Santa's suit is so red?


Frank said...

I noticed you using a picture of mine and for your book? You all so stated some things about me and the ralphproject "CHUPCABRA" alien creature that were NOT true! It has been DNA tested so many times its a wonder any part is left...tested from UCLA Medical Ctr, Vienna, Salzburg for months, and Japan just to name a few places, all to come up either scrambled to ZIPO. You should have talked to me before you made those statements..and NO it is not a lama..and I did not pay for the DNA test on the hair samples or waste my money. it has been on exhibition on Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Korea and many other places--many scientist top of there field from the USA to Spain have studied it plus many university's starting from AK to OU and on to come up "no match". I am not to happy with your intro? You need to get your facts straight--I see you will be @ a library the 9th? I just happen to come across this site by acccident..humm interesting? You can find me on FB or email
Frank Pryor, in Okla.

Cullan Hudson said...

Somehow this comment is posted to this article when it belongs to another, so I apologize for the confusion to any readers who are left scratching their heads.

To Mr. Pryor, your image is not included in my book, but it does accompany the article under reporting/commentary clause of Fair Use.

If the specimen has been DNA tested further, I would happily publish additional information in this matter.

My reporting is based upon several different sources. If you have additional insight, you are more than welcome to e-mail your data to strangestateok @ where I will be happy to update this post with whatever DNA results have been supplied by these various institutions.