Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mangy Dog? Don't Worry, Chupacabras Sightings Are Big Business These Days.

This "chupacabras" was trapped in Mayes Co., OK where it has also been reported as a "blue dog".  Read more HERE


Autumnforest said...

Poor little fella! I wonder if we're starting to see more dogs with mange lately because it's happening more or we're just stopping to capture them, take pictures, and go online with them?

Cullan Hudson said...

It is likely that the latter is the biggest reason. Due to the increasing tabloid cache that comes from snapping a "chupacabras" picture, and the ubiquity and portability of the medium on which it is shot, our cultural coverage of such things is bound to increase. However, environmental changes over the last decade may be contributing to an increased number of mange-inflicted animals as well. I'm still going to bet on the denuded-animals-look-weird-and-I've-got-a-cell-phone-camera-the-size-of-my-intellect-to-shoot-it-with theory.