Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dearest Mummy and Daddums...

A recent discussion between Mysterious Universe's Micah Hanks and famed anomalist writer Brad Steiger concerning the various giant humanoid mummies found throughout the American West in the 19th century becomes a classic example of all that is wrong with the way such mysteries are handled in the 21st Century. It has everything: true believers, paranoid delusions, hearsay, and a total white washing of the larger socio-political framework within which these original accounts arose. Time and again, the giants (of which the remains have almost invariably vanished under suspicious circumstances) are shrouded in that Darwinist frenzy so firmly pinned to that time period.

Links (here and here) accompanying the article show a poorly photographed, purportedly extant specimen found in Yosemite Valley in 1891. Yet, examining it closely - even in the photograph - it doesn't seem quite right, and the child cradled in the female mummy's arms seems almost doll-like.

According to reports, the mummy was acquired by Ripley's in 1998.

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