Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I spent part of this afternoon surveying the recent damage caused to cemeteries near Enid, specifically one in Drummond. Apparently persons unknown felt it would be fun to knock over, damage, and steal headstones at cemeteries in Drummond, Waukomis, and Ames. If anyone who lives in that area knows anything, please let the proper authorities know. I am certain it was the drunken riff-raff with whom we decent citizens must live, but as word of caution to anyone who ventures into these hallowed necropolises: these are places that should be respected. Even the best paranormal investigators should remember that these are the places we have chosen to rest our dearly departed. While I doubt that any respectable team would ever be party to such a thing, we should caution ourselves about how "sexy" we might make graveyard vigils to be. Doubtlessly, these idiots took no cues from the slew of paranormal shows out there that seem to say graveyard = cool place to kick it with some ghosts (especially if the M.O. involves heckling and harrassing spirits), but in case they were inspired to visit one due to these shows, we must take stock about the impact they can have. Likely, they were just some inbreds from the shallower end of the gene pool, but the lesson stands nonetheless. Respect the dead. See the KFOR TV report here.


Autumnforest said...

Inbreeds. Yeah, probably. We have a cemetery here in the desert in AZ that the locals even put a mattress inside of--you don't want to know... I put together a group of ghost hunters, we raced down there and took tons of gloves and giant trash bags and filled them up with hundreds of beer bottles, took the rat-infested mattress and other miscellaneous unmentionables to the dump. Sometimes, when they're hidden where there's not city lights and everyone knows no one goes there at night, it's just too attractive. A few motion detector lights and they'd probably be able to discourage it. I'm glad your wrote about it. It happens everywhere much to my disgust. I'm a member of the cemetery association and I take it pretty seriously. Yeah, I have done ghost studies in cemeteries, but always bringing flowers and reading the names of those who are dead so long no one has said their names in decades. I pick up fallen flower arrangements and put them back, clean up trash, and generally give it the due respect. I like your attitude. Good post!

Cullan Hudson said...

Thanks. Enid is a very small city (a big town, really) and these cemeteries were all out in the country near even smaller farming villages. I am certain that NO ONE was out there in the dead of night. Lights help. Security cameras would be nice. Those trail cams so oft-used by hunters might be a good choice too, especially if security cameras aren't feasible. I like your idea of a trash cleanup. That really reflects a stewardship that I wish more teams and individuals would accept; we are a community, afterall.