Saturday, April 24, 2010

BLOGGING OFF - Blogsquatcher Calls It Quits

For many reasons, as Loren Coleman aptly illustrates, those who plumb the depths of the mysterious will move on from their respective raisons d'etre from time to time, allowing perhaps for the emergence of new ideas. That said, the absence of The Blogsquatcher (aka D. B. Donlon) will be felt deeply. It was my pleasure to have designed the banner that graced his blog for quite some time. And I appreciated reading his thoughts and insights into the mysteries of Bigfoot as well as his discourses on quantum physics. Sharp, inquisitive minds are in short supply these days, I fear. I see too many for whom the challenging world Of E! News is a real skullbuster. So, I will conclude by linking you to Donlon's own faretheewell.

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Sue London said...

I missed the whole "signing off" thing and now his blog is gone. Wish he's left it up as an archive!