Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bigfoot Hoax Frustrates OK Community

For weeks now, a series of images depicting Bigfoot shot from a cell phone and accompanied by audio recordings have made their rounds in the small Oklahoma community of Jay in Delaware Co., frightening locals and causing much consternation among law enforcement.

Concerned citizens in the small hamlet - you know the type - placed worried calls to the local sheriff's office, asking if the pictures were real. Others wondered if it weren't a joke. Sheriff Jay Blackwood assumed it was and declined to investigate.

Good hunch.

Apparently, those still shots were from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film and the audio recording was from Ohio, according to D. W. Lee, Executive Director Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center. Both had been downloaded from the Internet. Had the locals at least Googled that which frightened them so, they might have quickly discovered these salient facts on their own.

As it stood Blackfox fielded countless calls, which took his time from more pressing matters. A fact he was eager to impart upon those responsible. It turns out the images were hoaxed by a group of local boys whose names have been withheld. Sheriff Blackfox attempted to contact them, hoping to impart an understanding of the trouble those images caused. However, much to his dismay, the boys were not at home. We can only assume he kept trying. Doubtlessly, this will be more ammunition for Matt Moneymaker's prosecute pranks agenda.

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