Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aliens Do The Darndest Things

From the blog "Phantom Universe: Spooked by a Peeping Tom" (via Phantoms and Monsters) comes this delightful bit of pareidolia:

"SW" believes she caught an alien peeping through the window of her home in Stephens Co., Texas. Stephens Co sits adjacent to Erath Co - home to Stephenville, a UFO hotspot as of late.

What struck me, however, was how there was a far better "alien" inside the pattern on the curtain than ever may have stood outside her window like a small town pervert.

He kind of seems to be gesturing to himself, or perhaps showing off his "guns". I don't know which, but the one on the left (in the curtain) is a far better alien than that in the window.


Lon said...

Hi Cullen...may I suggest you gain permission from the original owner before posting the image.

Cullan Hudson said...

Since it was used as for commentary/criticism/reporting, it falls within the rubric of Fair Use and therefore does not require that I gain permission.

Buck said...

I'm sure the "original owner" would have no problem (as would other ufo lovers) were you to oooh and aaah over her marvelous capture of creepy peeping aliens.

I strongly suspect the objection from Lon comes from your pointing out the picture if obvious wishful (or paranoiac) thinking.