Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sky Is Falling!

Ugh! More chemtrail gargbage: here. In truth, what we are looking at in this picture is known as a nacreous cloud, likely formed by some orographic effect in some wintery northern clime.


Buck said...

The posting you linked to and the incredible degree of ignorance displayed by people daily about science and nature (while claiming to LOVE science) is mind boggling.

My day started off with Facebook friends sure that the 1.26 millisecond change in the length of a day due to the folding of the crust along the Chilean fault was PROOF that the 2012 apocalypse was on the horizon.

Then I watched Neil DeGrasse's "Pluto Files" tonight as he chatted with people in a cafe about the redesignation of Pluto. The ignorance spilling out of their mouths simply seemed surreal. "We don't change universal scientific FACT by a vote!" a woman yelped. No, but we do change definitions and classifications that way.

Honestly, it's really got me interested in pursuing the psychology of fear and the resultant conspiracy theories and willful disregard of fact in favor of abject terror.

Cullan Hudson said...

I agree that it is a sad testament to the depth of American - nay, WORLD - ignorance these days. I also agree that the increasing numbers of individuals with mild paranoid delusions has been on the rise - a field undervalued and understudied.