Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Is It, Lassie? Is Timmy's Spirit Stuck In The Well?

It started out simply enough with a little show called Ghost Hunters, but as the ratings poured in (arguably for various reasons) the knock offs started to multiply like bored rabbits. Just when you thought the phenomenon of paranormal reality television had reached its saturation point, the universe found a way to squeeze out another. Enter Animal Planet's entry into the arena, a little show called "The Haunted", which will examine the correlation between pets and poltergeists. My head hurts already. If you've a pet you feel is especially sensitive to the spirit realm, they are taking submissions for real-life accounts of paranormal pets.

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Buck said...

What's next? Oh, Food Network MUST get in on the act. I can see it now: Haunted Kitchen. Each week they bring on a different psychic to channel a famous dead chef and while they're cooking a nice bouillabaisse with Julia Child some ghost hunters wander around the kitchen checking the pots and pans for EMF!

You just wait and mark my words!