Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Sorry, Sir. These Bones Belong To A Young Lady.

In July 1933, the disarticulated skeletal remains of an unidentified elderly male were found sequestered inside a box at an unnamed El Paso hotel. The box bore the name of Elizabeth McReynold. McReynold's brother, a local, refused to comment on the matter beyond saying that his sister had left it at the hotel several months prior and that she then moved to Carthage, MO. McReynolds was quoted as saying "My sister asked me to get the package for her some time ago, but the check room porter told me he could not find it." He didn't think there was anything fishy about the find, but still refused to elucidate further. Sheriff Chris P. Fox investigated the matter. What resolution to the case there may have been yet remains elusive, having fallen through the cracks of journalism. [Publication:The Oklahoman; Date:Jul 26, 1933; Section:None; Page Number:13]

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