Monday, November 16, 2009

In The Wind: TAPS Press Release Forthcoming

Over the past year(s), claims of hoaxed evidence have steadily risen against The Atlantic Paranormal Society and the production staff of their show Ghost Hunters. Most recently, former member Donna LaCroix spoke to the ladies of the Ghost Divas Live! and intimated that things might not be altogether kosher behind the scenes of the successful SyFy Channel program. Within hours of the broadcast, the Internet was abuzz with talk about the interview. While many have taken LaCroix's words out of context or seemingly misunderstood her meaning, most have been supportive of the burgeoning stance against any attempt to commit or excuse fraud on shows like Ghost Hunters. If deemed true, these allegations could have a devastating impact on the paranormal community, painting (however unfairly) all involved in the field as charlatans and liars.

It seems that while at first these claims were ignored by TAPS and their production company, rumors have now surfaced that a public statement addressing these allegations soon will be forthcoming. On the blog "Paranormal Eyes", Ghost Diva Tonya Hacker explains in brief much of the community's concerns regarding Ghost Hunters and takes a moment to clarify what exactly Donna LaCroix said and didn't.

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Buck said...

While I certainly believe things are not as they seem on Ghost Hunters, I am hesitant to take Donna LaCroix's word on things. She has had a running feud with TAPS and the production company for a couple years now since she was suddenly dropped from the show and shunted off to GHI with the other difficult children. Then she was quickly dropped from GHI after a few episodes supposedly due to "health" issues.

So, she certainly has scores to settle and has been itching for her chance for quite awhile. Like I said, I believe things are hinky on that show, but I'm not sure she's the voice of truth and justice that the "Ghost Divas" should be looking for... I don't think they'll find her an unimpeachable source.