Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dwarfs of Mount Atlas

In a collection of research papers entitled The Dwarfs of Mount Atlas (Coachwhip Publications), the late author Robert Grant Haliburton expressed his opinion that an entire tribe of little people dwells (or at least dwelt) in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. He based his assertions on local stories and eyewitness accounts but was unable to prove or disprove their existence, leaving us instead with a tantalizing legacy.

If you're intrigued by such anthropological mysteries, by all means check it out. However, if you want a real spectacle from the area, you will most likely delight in the goats that climb into trees like those pictured to eat the fruit. I snapped this shot outside Touradant, Morocco back in April.


Buck said...

"I believe these (goats) labor under the misapprehension that they are birds. Observe, how they do not so much fly as plummet."

Word Woman said...

I think it is fascinating how so many cultures feature small people who reside in hills, burrows, mounds, and mountains. The dwarves, pixies, fairies, Cherokee Little People, etc. I wonder from what common mythic pool these are all drawn?