Monday, October 19, 2009

V for Very Familiar

A V remake? A V-make, if you will? While the scant info gleaned from the world's shortest teaser/promo makes me think there is a good chance this was a needlessly belabored and overworked effort, initial buzz makes it sound like the best thing on TV in a long time. I'll give it a shot, despite that uneasy feeling that says this will be an overproduced mess with a complicated story arc that never seems to go anywhere. I could be quite surprised. There may, in fact, be an intelligent allegory beneath the hard shell of that pretty-people-meet-CGI piece of candy that drops November 3. I'm afraid though it will be filled with obvious and ham-fisted metaphors for what's going on in the news these days. Those that "get it" will feel enlightened, of course. Good for you! Smart boys get a cookie. You might want to pick up Ayn Rand next.
I liked the first V: it was smart and gritty. Real underdogs fighting their annihilation. V-09 has DOJ counter-terrorism agents in fashionable ensembles, L'Oreal models as Reptilian visitors, and, more handsome men than the Day Time Emmy's. Sure, the original mid-80's miniseries had their drawbacks (some over-the-top perfomances come to mind), but it was believable when these disparate individuals join forces to fight back. I can only hope that this latest iteration doesn't rely too heavily on digital magic, pretty faces, and posh art direction. Of course, it seems to work for the million of viewers addicted to CSI....

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Word Woman said...

Having watched the previews, I have to say it looks good. A little too good, as you say. One of the strong selling points for the original movie was the realism. House thieves, news reporters, doctors, police, factory workers, and housewives. It was a fight for existence that faced caused people to be themselves: brave, cowardly, undecided, weak, greedy, strong, and committed.

I can hope that the new "V" will carry with it the fact the central idea of the original - that underneath all our differences (race, gender, social status, national status, religion, or anything else we shared a common species). These days that is message we need to see shouted from the rooftops - we are more alike than we are different.