Friday, October 16, 2009

So What's On The BOO! Tube?

Looking for something to watch this Halloween season? As is often the case, the pickings are slim, but if you know where and when to look, there are some intriguing offerings out there. Channel Guide Magazine's online resource chronicles what's airing on TV during the spookiest month of the year. I've selected a few highlights. I'm really interested to see Animal Planet's unique take on Werewolves. You can view Channel Guide's complete list here.

Werewolves: The Dark Survivors – Animal Planet, Oct. 25 at 9pm ET; Oct. 29 at 9pm ET. Like it did in the special Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real a few years back, Animal Planet now imagines what it would be like if werewolves weren’t a myth, but instead a small segment of today’s society. Shot in a faux-documentary style, the world of werewolves is explored as a deeply disturbing murder mystery unravels within their clan. As the investigation heats up, a picture is painted of every aspect of these creatures’ lives, from how they breed to how they remain undetected, all backed up by scientific explanations that the network claims are “so plausible that even the hardest skeptic will struggle to spot where reality ends and fantasy begins.”

Scream 2009 – Spike, Oct. 27 at 10pm ET. The annual celebration of all things sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book. This year features a tribute to George Romero, a tribute to Stan Lee, and for some reason a special award to Keith Richards.

The Real Wolfman – History, Oct. 28 at 9pm ET; Oct. 31 at 5pm & 10pm ET. A documentary that seeks to explain murders that took place in a small French village in the 1760s, which led to legends of a werewolf.

The Haunting (1963) – TCM, Oct. 28 at midnight ET; Oct. 31 at 10am ET. Robert Wise directed one of the best haunted house thrillers ever with this spooky adaptation of the Shirley Jackson novel The Haunting of Hill House.

Ghost Hunters Marathon – Syfy, Oct. 31 at 9am ET. Spend a day with the TAPS team to relive some of their scariest investigations.

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