Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dream A Little Dream Of ... Him

I had never heard this and it sounds apocryphal; perhaps a guerrilla advertising tactic or another Internet urban legend. But it is nonetheless compelling. As I read through the website all about this mysterious man who scores of unrelated individuals across the globe have all dreamed about, I was struck by how this would make a really cool premise for a movie. Unfortunately, even in their own "News" page, few actual news sources are cited as having reported on this strange phenomenon. This makes me believe that it isn't all that much of a phenomenon - unless, of course, you count an urban legend spreading around the globe as remarkable. I'd say it was. Either way you look at it, the man is creepy: a balding, sardonic Alfred E. Neuman for our paranoid, post-modern world.

UPDATE: Mysterious Universe dug a bit deeper, uncovering some solid clues that suggest This Man is a guerrilla marketing hoax. 

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