Friday, August 14, 2009

Um.... Yeah, right.

This video was purportedly shot in the 1950's and said to capture an apparition. In truth, it is the most patently risible thing I have seen in the YouTube ghost hoax arena in a long time. For one, if that was filmed in the 1950's, I'm J. Edgar Hoover's panties incarnate. No, I'm quite certain that's modern video that has been run through processing software to render sepia tones and "film scratches".

I mean, come on! Try harder than that. First off, why would film (even home movie film) in the 1950's be in sepia? That's just ignorant. I don't even need to get into frame speed (it is an awfully fluid video to watch)or any analysis of the film grain, etc... It has clearly been modified by the kind of cheap software that comes preinstalled on a $250 Dell computer.

And as for the ghost? It's our old friend pareidolia rearing his ugly head once more. What we are supposed to see as an apparition is clearly a cluster of leaves and branches wherein the negative space forms vaguely a humanoid shape.

As a visual example of how the fluidity of motion can be affected by film speed, and to illustrate just what type of 8 and 16 mm home movies were being produced in the mid-1950's, check out these examples and compare them to the "ghost" video. You will also note the blue-red color shift in a lot of 1950's Kodak films; it's almost a signature of the era. So, too, is the extreme contrast and saturation. This "look" shows up in both Kodak motion and still film of the period.


Word Woman said...

There are so many things "off" about this film from the 1950's: it lacks the grainy quality, in panning it is too fast for the 8 or 16 mm film of the day. There is also the light - far too balanced for some of the most common amatuer cameras of that time.

Cullan Hudson said...

Agreed. I'll post examples of 1950's era home movies to show how film speed affects the fluidity of motion, etc...