Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UFO Spotted!

I've never claimed to see a UFO and somehow I doubt I ever will. But there are plenty people who have and they often give us vague snapshots of some fleeting amorphous object captured in the sky. Well, I asked myself, why can't I join in the fun, too? I took the following shot this morning. The mountains in the bottom of the image are a known UFO hotspot (as well as the birthplace of the Chupacabras legend).
And speaking of UFO's in Latin America... As I waited for the doctor this morning, I thumbed through the well-worn pages (a move that has surely exposed me to countless pathogens) of the December 2008 issue of Travel + Leisure magazine. A short column titled "Alien Excursions" caught my eye. It seems in Chile the Tourism Department is promoting a stretch of highway in the country's Maule region as "The UFO Route". It is here, in this mountainous terrain, that hundres of UFO's have been spotted since 1993. It is believed that the Enladrillado plateau makes for an ideal landing site.
If you're a fan of blogs like Inexplicata and UFO Iconoclasts (both of which you can link to in my list to the right), then you will know of the increasing reports of UFO's, unexplained lights, and cattle mutilations now coming out of countries like Chile, Argentine, etc...

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Cullan Hudson said...

I should note that in the sequence of images I have of this "UFO" that in one frame it seems to have dropped considerably in altitude over a very short distance horizonally and seemed to be moving from right to left. For it to be moving in that direction, it would be moving away from the island, out to open sea or perhaps to the islands offshore of nearby St. Thomas.