Monday, August 10, 2009


Geologist and author Scott Wolter has done work on the Kensington Rune Stone and others in North America. Most scholars agree the Kensington is a fake and they harbor many suspicions about others, including the Heavener stone. Wolter, however, doesn't follow suit. He asserts that the Kensington inscriptions were made by Norse explorers sailing from Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea, off Sweden's southeast coast. He believes a band of Knights Templar, fleeing persecution, established a monastic order on the small island nation.

This invariably forces a Holy Grail connection. And Wolter supplies it. An unusual 'Hooked X' symbol found on the Kensington stone, as well as several found in Maine, and even Rosslyn Chapel (a famed spot in Grail lore) is one of the runes used, he believes, in spelling out GRAL, or Grail. Furthermore, Wolter believes the enigmatic Newport Tower in Rhode Island was perhaps built by the Knights Templar. This is because when one looks through a particular notched keystone, his gaze is fixed precisely in the direction of the location where the Kensington Rune Stone was found - all the way out in Minnesota.

Check out more HERE concerning the upcoming History Channel documentary.


Buck said...

I can remember when, once upon a time, the History Channel actually had programs about history. There were interesting looks at social and political history as well as military conflicts and helped fill in the blanks left by the cursory educations most receive in school. Now, there is nothing remotely related to legitimate historical scholarship on that channel. Why not just change the name already to "The Crazy Idea and Eschatological Belief Channel"?

Cullan Hudson said...

I don't mind alternative history documentaries if they aren't sensationalized. Much of what was once considered "fringe" or even outright ludicrous has been proved true in the annals of history. This documentary would take one such example further. Sadly, however, they tend to sensationalize these shows and give greater weight to speculation that it deserves. They do this, I know, because of a large viewing audience that needs something shiny to lure them in, lest they flip over to Ice Road Truckers, That other Ice Road Trucker show, American Loggers, Ax Men, Swamp Loggers - basically a lot of shows about semi trucks on icy roads and loggers.