Monday, August 10, 2009

Mehster Quest Chews On Furniture, Claws At Door For New Beasties.

Over the weekend, I caught snippets of Monster Quest episodes I had missed. Well, chosen to miss. I'm saddened that such a young show has already run out of true MONSTERS (in all caps, it must be in all caps), and have resorted to, week after week, bringing us sewer rats, jelly fish, and stray dogs. The latter episode didn't even bait us with hollow promises of giant or otherwise mutated iterations of domestic canines. It was an episode about stray dogs. I felt the urge to check the channel. After all, I might have been on Animal Planet accidentally. Instead, I clicked the channel change button instead. They completely lost me with the altogether boring episode about something you'd see on the 6 o'clock news.

It makes me wonder what completely insipid episode will be coming up next. Squirrels?
"People all around the world have been spotting... SQUIRRELS. These ferocious beasts are prowling our forests, our parks, and even our own back yards. Some, like this woman, have reported squirrels as big as kittens and investigators are wondering if there aren't some out there as big as small cats..."
I can't believe they've already run out of bizarre, near-mythical creatures to profile. I mean, they did a Chupacabras episode once in Puerto Rico didn't even look into the Comecogollos or Jipia legends, which could have made for separate episode or at least a fuller Chupa one.

I can only say that if they insist on turning Monster Quest into Wild Kingdom, I'm not even going to bother to watch even the mini-marathons.


Yards said...

Agreed. There are literally thousands of separate cryptids and even stranger more paranormal creatures out there--it would not be too hard to go after some, especially some of the lesser-known ones...all they have to do is pick up a couple of books or do an Internet search to find something to work on.
Have they done an episode on monster bears, up in Alaska and the Kamchatka Peninsula? That would be interesting.

Word Woman said...

The biggest problem is still a rush to air...they ALWAYS run out of time the last five minutes of the program because : the environment became unstable, they encountered unexpexted setbacks, the only took one sample, or etc. Bears, snakes, fish, rats, dinosaurs...mystery creatures, it does not matter - they do a one-shot effort. I want to see them fully explores some of these things...I want more than one skeptical scientist who just says no that cannot be so....and I want more than a half-hearted effort....